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We believe your merchandise, whatever it may be should bring a smile to each person that wears it. No matter what size, shape or color; may it be hip, quality, and comfy!

About us...



The Anthem Tee Co. started with the band, Bread of Stone. Sister-in-loves, Brittney and Shannon (wives of Bill and Ben Kristijanto of Bread of Stone) saw the merchandise crisis in the Christian Music Industry. Why was every t-shirt black, scratchy, and something most people would only clean in? This gave the ladies a drive to find all things soft, hip, and high quality all the while fighting to keep cost fair! Who wants to pay $40 for a t-shirt anyway?


Slowly they  began to transform their merchandise table into a pop-up retail store hoping to provide something for everyone --- kids, parents, grandmas and grandpas, you name it.


Some years down the road other people began to notice the transformation and they found a ministry in it --- helping other bands, churches, schools, teams, businesses, etc. create their own merchandise that they love and can afford.

Shannon and Brittney Kristijanto


If you don't see the brand you are looking for please ask! We are always adding new brands!


britt@anthemtee.com 712-574-9987


shannon@anthemtee.com 712-574-6189

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The Anthem Tee Co. is a Christian based company that understands the power of great quality merchandise.


Our headquarters are in Sioux City, IA or where ever the Bread of Stone bus may take us.